About Us

Out Vision and Mission

What if somebody told you that saving lives was in your genes?

Well, it’s true. Our genes hold the key to finding cures for thousands of inherited diseases that affect us and our families everyday, like breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, haemophilia and leukaemia just to name a few.

Cure The Future (The Cell and Gene Trust) helps fund medical research into cell and gene therapies using new platform scientific research which is poised to revolutionise our ability to cure disease.

Many of the world’s great medical discoveries and scientific milestones have come to fruition largely due to the support of private individuals. With your help, we can cure the future.

What we do

Cure The Future raises funds for medical research into innovative cell and gene therapies. In contrast to charities that raise funds for specific diseases or institutions, our focus is on the promise of cell and gene therapies that will cure all types of diseases including heart disease, cancer, haemophilia and diabetes.

There would be few families today that are not impacted on by one of these diseases.

Key to this research is the development of new platform technology that has the potential to provide cures and treatments for genetic and other diseases. Within this generation cures will be found and in the future our children and grandchildren will not have to suffer.

We say “when” not “if” as successful gene transfer for common human diseases is only a matter of time. The proof of principle has already been shown for rare inherited immune disorders and in the haemophilia trial performed by Professor John Rasko and international collaborators. Cure The Future is already working towards funding advanced human trials conducted by Professor Rasko and his research team.

When successful we will look back on this time as a golden era when our contributions to human health and well-being were rewarded by the discoveries that led to the cure of many diseases. Cure The Future is comprised of passionate individuals who are dedicated to supporting this world changing research.

Our Funding Principles

We are prepared to provide funding for more speculative research than is typically the case with public sector funding. Cell and gene therapy is a frontier field of medical research, and the potential benefits justify a robust approach to the support of research. Cure The Future will provide funding for research on the following principles:

  • Our purpose is to find cures for human diseases using cell and gene therapies
  • We will not fund human embryonic stem cell research
  • We will only fund research conducted in Australia
  • We are non-religious and apolitical.

Vision, Mission & Values

OUR VISION… is that through cell and gene therapies we will be able to find cures for the thousands of inheritable diseases; so that this generation our children and grandchildren will not have to suffer from these diseases.

OUR MISSION… is to fund revolutionary platform research into cell and gene therapy with the objective of expediting the discovery of cures for thousands of genetically inherited diseases.


Courage….to fund high risk / high return research to expedite the discovery of cures

Transparency….to ensure that donors have a direct line of sight of every dollar given to the end result

Creativity….in our thinking and our outcomes