Appointment and Accolades for Professor John Rasko

Professor John Rasko AO, Director of the Department of Cell and Molecular Therapies at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, has been appointed to chair the Federal Advisory Committee on Biologicals.

Professor Rasko’s work on cell and gene therapies has earned him respect and recognition in the world of cell biology, experimental haematology and molecular biology and he was recently honoured with a Distinguished Fellow Award from the Royal College of Pathologists Australia.

Professor Rasko, who already chairs the Board of Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee, the office responsible for regulating all genetically-modified organisms in Australia, is also the vice president of the International Society for Cellular Therapy.

The busy clinician says that every day his work is enriched by his colleagues, who he views as some of the most professional and committed in the field.  He has dedicated his life to creating discoveries that may one day change the future of medicine.

Health Matters, Sydney