Since Cure The Future’s inception we have raised over $900,000 for cell and gene therapy research.

In 2007, Cure The Future assisted Professor Rasko’s groundbreaking work by donating $120,000 towards the Haemophilia, Prostate Cancer and Leukaemia research projects he and his team are currently working on in his laboratories.

We have also funded the purchase of the following state-of-the-art machinery for the laboratory:

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine – Nobel Prize winning discovery that has revolutionised the ability to study gene sequences. A PCR machine is a mini-factory which increases specific DNA sequences by up to a million times using temperature sensitive chemicals which reveal vanishingly small amounts of DNA present in as little as a single cell. Demand in the laboratory for such machines is high and CAGT’s Cure The Future’s funding of the machine has accelerated the rate of research.

Nanodrop Spectrophotometer – this machine is used to measure the concentration and purity of DNA with greater efficiency and accuracy. It enables readings of DNA samples up to 50-fold higher in concentration which preserves more of the sample taken for other testing/ applications. The need to determine the concentration of samples is a cornerstone of modern molecular biology and almost all experiments involving gene transfer rely on this technology.

Already it has become a favourite in the laboratory as it allows for the measurement of minute amounts of liquid samples that were previously insufficient for analysis.

In simple terms, the amount of liquid required to obtain an accurate reading on the new machine is about one hundredth of a drop from an eye dropper! Previously ten or even a hundred times more sample was required, and so this conserves precious samples.

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