Purchase of equipment by Cure The Future

DNA Dave

Over the last five years Cure The Future has distributed over $500,000 for medical research aimed at providing new approaches to tackling genetic diseases and cancer. The following list provides details of how the money has been spent. … [Read more...]

New stem cell opens door to regeneration


SCIENTISTS have identified a previously unknown type of stem cell, raising hopes of a new source of personalised tissue and organ transplants.   … [Read more...]

Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

Scientist with Petri Dish

Australian scientists have achieved a breakthrough in blood stem cell research that could revolutionise the way cancers and other blood and immune system disorders are … [Read more...]

Mamma Lena & Dino Guston Foundation donation to CTF

Cure the Future board members

Mamma Lena & Dino Guston Board Members Connie and John Orlando paid Cure the Future Board Members a visit last month after donating $400,000 to CTF. They were joined by the Board Members and staff for a tour of the Cell & Molecular … [Read more...]

Thermo Fisher Scientific supports Tour de Cure

Tour de Cure logo

To read about the big donation the Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program received via Tour de Cure click here. … [Read more...]

Rotary International Vocational Award

Rotary International

On Sunday 22nd February, John Rasko was recognised by Rotary International with a Vocational Award. … [Read more...]

A tribute to Bryce Courtenay AM 1933-2012

Bryce Courtenay

Cure the Future has lost a great friend and founding Vice-Patron with the recent passing of Mr Bryce Courtenay AM. He was not only Australia’s most popular and successful author, but many were unaware that he was also a passionate supporter of … [Read more...]

Tour de Cure

Tour de Cure logo

Tour de Cure’s 2012 ride has raised funds to support the work of Professor John Rasko RPA and Cure the Future as well as a number of other organisations as they continue to search for cures for cancer. … [Read more...]

“Day in the Life – Haematology / Research – Prof John Rasko

You never know when you or your loved ones will be diagnosed. I wish all of you good health but it should not only be the unwell people to acknowledge his amazing work, all of Sydney should be proud and informed of his work. These are the people who … [Read more...]

Stem Cell Advances


Cancer patients and people with genetic disorders could be helped by a breakthrough by Australian researchers who have grown new human stem cells outside the body. The funding has the potenial to cut the number of painful bone-marrow harvests needed … [Read more...]