Junk is more valuable than we could imagine

Prof John Rasko

Cure the Future is excited to announce that researchers it helped fund and led by Professor John Rasko AO have discovered that normal white blood cells make use of a molecular ‘trash can’ to control many aspects of our body’s cellular defenses.  The … [Read more...]

No such thing as all-or-nothing


In 1902, two years after the rediscovery of Mendel's laws of inheritance, British physician Sir Archibald Garrod made an historic discovery while studying several English families with an obscure disorder that caused their urine to turn brown,  then … [Read more...]

The modern dilemma of making a whole new you

Scientist & Microscope

Written by John Rasko and Carl Power for The Age. January 4, 2010 Humanity has always longed to possess the regenerative powers of other living things. The Mexican walking fish can regrow a severed limb, and if you cut the freshwater hydra into … [Read more...]

Trial gives hemophiliacs clotting hope


Written by Tamara McLean for SMH. June 17, 2008 New Australian research which aims to trick the body into accepting blood clotting drugs could offer new hope to hemophiliacs. A group of Sydney scientists are working on a new way to overcome … [Read more...]