Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving Programs are a simple tax-effective way to make regular donations to Cure The Future. Its regular and stable nature enables Cure The Future to budget and develop medical research programs well into the future; ensuring that we make a real and lasting impact to the lives of thousands of Australians’.

Every dollar raised via Workplace Giving goes directly to Cure The Future – no commissions or administration costs are deducted and as the donations are taken from pre-tax income, it means that donors can afford to donate more. If just 10% of Australians in the workforce gave $5 per week through their Workplace Giving Program, the community would benefit from an additional $260M!

Corporate Benefits

  • Ability to include a charity focus in your business plan
  • Demonstrates commitment to supporting the community
  • Enhances corporate reputation
  • Builds employee morale and loyalty
  • Builds employee attraction and retention
  • Cost effective method of giving
  • Tax deductible corporate matching options

Employee Benefits

  • Pre-tax benefit – immediate tax benefit at the time the donation is made
  • Simple way to give – direct from pay
  • Flexibility to start, change or stop at any time
  • Cost effective method of giving
  • Feels good & sense of pride – supporting your community

Cure The Future has also aligned with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) who has developed a Workplace Payroll Giving Program providing employers with a simple streamlined administration process (only one code in payroll system). CAF Workplace Giving Program also provides flexibility for employees to choose their own charity they wish to donate to. This program will also assist Cure The Future by keeping our administration costs to a minimum.

Cure The Future will be pleased to provide presentations at your workplace to either encourage or acknowledge your staff’s philanthropy.

For more information or to set up your workplace giving program contact us on:

Post: Cure The Future,C/- HWL Ebsworths, Level 14, Australia Square, 264-278 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000