Cure The Future has a team working towards the goal of finding cures for thousands of diseases. Some of the inheritable diseases that affect Australians everyday include:

  • Cancer is the leading cause of premature death in Australia, kills more than 36,000 people annually; 88,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year. Over 3000 men die of prostate cancer annually, equal to the number of women that die from breast cancer.
  • Heart disease is the number one killer of Australian women. More than 11,000 women lose their lives to heart disease each year and approximately 226,000 women are living with it. Despite this, eight out of 10 women remain unaware of this alarming threat.
  • Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in Australia and Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease. There are about 890,000 Australians currently diagnosed with diabetes. For every person diagnosed, it is estimated that there is another who is not yet diagnosed; a total of about 1.7 million people.