Genetic Testing & Life Insurance

Bioethicists are calling for tighter regulation of the insurance industry when it comes to genetic testing. Researchers say that some Australians have been unable to take out insurance policies because of results contained in their genetic tests. They say this is...

Cell-based Gene Therapy is finally here!

Car-T Therapy has been approved by the FDA in America – the first ever approval of a Cell-based Gene Therapy, which Cure The Future was set up to support. We are delighted that Cell & Gene Therapy is finally approved as a treatment in the USA and remain committed to fund further research to find a cure for the thousands of other diseases we can inherit through our DNA.

Should unproven stem cell therapies be regulated?

For those who are seriously or terminally ill and have no other option, warnings that a treatment is “unproven” or “untested” might not deter them, which has given rise to a growing market for expensive treatments with no scientific backing — particularly in the field of stem cell therapy.