Celebrate with Cure The Future

Celebrate that special family occasion by giving to the future of families.

Weddings & Engagements

The two most important things about the start of a new family are the 2 people who come together – the chromosomes of these people will determine what their children will be like, in looks well as health. What better way to celebrate this union than with a gift to help the future of Family.

Create a page for your engagement or wedding, where people can make a donation to help Cure The Future.


The defining moment in any family is the birth of a child. A new member of the extended family, a new Mother, a new Father. There is nothing more relevant to the work of Cure The Future than the creation of a new human being, with their own unique DNA and a whole Future ahead of them.

You can create a page here, announcing the birth of a child here, where friends and family can visit and make a donation & contribute a thought or story to the page.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Throughout our lives we celebrate ourselves and our family, every milestone – every year of life, of marriage, of success, tragedy and of a death. These are the things that make us human – that make us feel alive and loved.

Take a moment to reflect on how many of these things are directly affected by our genes – and on the odd occasion, instead of receiving presents make a gift to help Cure The Future of inherited disease.