We are looking for organisations to join us in a corporate partnership.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small business, join the Cure The Future family and invest in medical research. It is not only a sound business decision, but one that could make a significant difference to the health of thousands of Australians.

 Align yourself with our family-focussed charity in one of the ways below and improve your brand recognition and positive perception, through a joint marketing campaign promoting your involvement.Your organisation will be aligning itself with a prestige brand and an innovative, world-class enterprise focused on finding cures for many of the world’s major diseases including heart disease, cancer, haemophilia and diabetes.

Things that will make a difference to the lives of all your customers and their families.

Corporate Sponsorship

Become a sponsor of one of our annual programs or events such as the “Know Your Family” program or the “Six Degrees of Separation” party. Cure The Future require sponsors to provide special prizes, promotional opportunities and funds.

Opportunities also exist for businesses to provide funding directly for scientists or towards a particular project – for example the haemophilia trials or cancer research. In return your business will receive a number of great benefits and the satisfaction of knowing that your business saves lives.

Goods and Services

Some of our partner companies donate Goods or Services to help us raise crucial dollars. Give some of your company’s Products or Services – larger gifts or services feature as high-profile auction items which can raise thousands of dollars, or other donations which we can package together for a raffle. Every gift is valuable.

Some Companies prefer to supply goods and services to assist in the day-to-day running of the Charity or provide consumables or equipment needed in the laboratory.

Employee Involvement

Volunteering the contribution of employees time builds teamwork, company respect & loyalty. It also encourages stronger connection between your company, your employees and the local community. Employees can become involved via team fundraising initiatives, helping out with our events and programs or even just by a small regular payroll deduction. Companies can also support employee involvement by dollar-matching donations or simply by freeing up some time for staff to volunteer their services.