As well as much needed equipment and supplies, your donations have funded a number of sought-after Research Fellowships – to assist chosen individuals with their research & study under the stewardship of Professor Rasko.

On behalf of everyone who benefits from these fellowships – the scientists as well as patients who will benefit from this work in the future –


 Thank you for your donations.

Dr Justin Wong PhD

This Inaugural Cure The Future Fellowship provided salary support to a Senior Research Officer, Dr Justin Wong for 18 months. This essential funding allowed him to achieve scientific excellence by reporting seven scientific discoveries in biomedical journals in the past six years. This included a breakthrough discovery published in the prestigious journal, Cell, in 2013 concerning a new means by which genes are switched off in normal and cancerous cells.

Without funding from a Cure the Future Fellowship I would have been unable to undertake some of the most important projects we have undertaken, to understand how normal white blood cells are formed and what causes blood cancers.
Justin Wong

Dr Jessamy Tiffen PhD

This Cure The Future Scholarship was for the last year of Jessamy’s PhD, which allowed her to successfully complete her PhD and publish two discoveries in Molecular Cancer and the International Journal of Cancer.


The generous PhD support I received from Cure The Future essentially kick-started my career in cancer research. It allowed me to pursue a fascinating and rewarding science career.
My PhD achievements included the development of a breast cancer model that allowed us to track the development of glowing tumour cells, in real time, in live animals. This led to the discovery of tumour repressive characteristics mediated by two different genes we were interested in. 
Postdoctoratal achievements include the recent discovery of a gene, called EZH2, which is activated in over one quarter of melanomas. EZH2 turns off other genes that would normally put the brakes on uncontrolled growth of melanoma cells. In addition to understanding precisely how EZH2 works we are now testing drugs that inhibit EZH2 in melanoma, to reactivate tumour fighting genes.
Jessamy Tiffen

Dr Ulf Schmitz PhD

Dr Ulf Schmitz is a serious computer wizard. Cure The Future funded 12 months Fellowship

I’m a computer data scientist. With the help of computers I try to discover patterns in data that help to explain normal biology and human diseases. 
Funding from Cure The Future has allowed the completion of experiments that capture the life of cancer cells in a detail that has never been achieved before.
Data from these experiments allowed me to study patterns of unanticipated forms of cancer gene regulation.
Ulf Schmitz

Dr Darya Vanichkina PhD

Dr Darya Vanichkina PhD studied at University of Queensland and joins the team as a data scientist.

I’m a genomics data scientist. My research takes advantage of the latest developments in computer science, mathematics and statistics to address biological and medical questions. Support from Cure the Future enables me to investigate differences in the regulation of gene expression and genome interactions in normal and cancer cells – by using supercomputers and advanced programming techniques to analyse terabytes of next generation sequencing data.
Darya Vanichkina