The Cell And Gene Trust (CAGT) was founded in 2005

with the support of the following people.

Mr Paul Armstrong

Mr Michael Carr

Mr Matthew Coren

The Late Mr Bryce Courtenay AM

Dr Peter Dodd

Ms Roslyn Forrest

Ms Christine Gee

Mr Julian Grosvenor

Mr Joseph and Mrs Miriam Habib

Mr Martin Hirst

Mr John and Mrs Kathleen Howard

Mr Sean Howard

Mr Ben Keeble


Mr David Khedoori

Mr Fred Khedoori

Mr Alexander Lang

Mr William Lynch

Mr Simon Maidment

Mr Bill Moss AM

Mr John Needham

Mrs Helen Rasko OAM

The Late Mrs Hermina Rich

Mr Andrew Richardson

Mr David Ross

Mr Mark and Mrs Jane Skinner

The Late Mr Eric Strasser