Prof. Diana Horvath

Diana has previously fulfilled a number of high level executive roles spanning over 30 years. Immediately prior to her appointment as Chief Executive of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, Diana held the role of Chief Executive of Sydney South West Area Health Service. Prior to that, Diana was the Chief Executive, Central Sydney Area Health Service for 12 years, managing 8 hospitals and 75 health centres including Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Concord Repatriation, Sydney Dental and Rozelle. Dr Horvath undertook her medical resident years at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, worked at John Hopkins Hospital in the USA and ran the Community Health Program in New South Wales.

Diana graduated in medicine from Sydney University and after her resident years at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, worked at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA. On her return to Australia, she established the Community Health services in Mt Druitt, and rose to head the NSW Community Health Program.

After obtaining her post graduate qualifications in management, Diana returned to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where she occupied a number of positions, eventually becoming its CEO.

Dr Horvath has fulfilled a number of national roles including independent Chairman of the National Health & Medical Research Council, Commissioner on the Health Insurance Commission, member of the Trade Policy Advisory Council, National President of the Australian Healthcare Association, an International Kings Fund Fellow, a member of the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council and is a long term member of the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Sydney. Diana is presently a member of two International Boards for Patient Safety.

Diana’s many honours include an Officer of the Order of Australia, The Sax Medal of the AHA, Centenary of Federation Medal and Award for Managerial Innovation from the International Hospital Federation. In recognition of her long standing membership of the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine, Diana was made an Adjunct Professor in 2004.