Video & TV

Programs and video extracts related to Cure The Future’s work and featuring our own Professor John Rasko.


Pharma Television

‘Living Therapeutics’

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital are committed to the development of novel cell therapies and the subsequent improvement in survival and quality of life of patients who’s needs are currently unmet. John Rasko chats about developing “living therapeutics” with Summer Parks at 2017 ISCT in London.

ABC Catalyst

‘Skin Deep’

Catalyst looks at Stem Cell Therapy in the World of Beauty 

ABC 7.30 Report


A world first gene therapy trial was conducted at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with the potential to cure patients living with thalassemia. 

A Day in the Life


A Royal College of Pathologists video presentation explaining the work of Haematologist and Research Professor John Rasko.  

Tour de Cure

‘On Tour’

A look at the cyclists, fundraisers and medical experts supporting Tour de Cure, including Prof. John Rasko and CTF. 

What is FSHD?

(FacioScapuloHumeral Muscular Dystropy)

John Rasko explains this devastating genetic disease – and how Cell and Gene Therapy presents a potential cure in the future.

Chocolate Ball

John Rasko Speech

John Rasko’s speech from Sydney’s Chocolate Ball 2014 in aid of FSHD Global Foundation


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