Research Projects Funded

Your Donations to Cure The Future also funded certain specific research projects at The Centenary Institute laboratories.

Car-T Mesothelin Immunotherapy

This major Cure The Future project helps fund ground-breaking research as part of an international project between Australia, Amercia, Sweden & Canada – to find a cure for cancers using cell & gene therapy. Australian research focus is Pancreatic and other solid organ cancers.

DNA Sequencing for Prostate Cancer Project

Helped us to understand how prostate cancer cells adapt to nutrient deprivation, resulting in a publication in the top pathology journal in the world, The Journal of Pathology (2015).

This discovery may well provide us with an Achilles Heal through which we could attack prostate cancer in future.

DNA Sequencing for Endometrial Cancer

This Cure The Future project funding assisted in an investigation into the genetic changes discovered in various cancers of the Uterus.

1st time discovery of a common pattern in gene regulation

Cancer and many other diseases are caused by mistakes in the body’s gene regulation process, which can occur when damaged cells do not properly self-regulate. Understanding the process which determines whether or not genes are successfully controlled, is the key to treating and finding cures for cancers and many other diseases. This ground-breaking research was published in the highly regarded Genome Biology Journal in October 2017.