What we Need

Our Research Laboratory’s ‘Wish-List’

This is the equipment needed to continue and expand the research Professor Rasko and his team are doing to try and find a cure for cancer and other inherited diseases.

These items can be purchased and donated by an individual, a Family or a Company and would be credited accordingly.

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X-Cell SureLock Minicell

(2 Needed)

$1250 ea

Apparatus for analysing protein samples  for our gene and cancer projects. This equipment uses “electrophoresis” to separate proteins based on electrical charge and molecular weight.

Gilson Pipettes

Set of 4

$2000 each

Our ‘tools of the trade’, these pipettes enable us to accurately measure and dispense very small volumes of liquid for molecular and cellular biology experiments.

Eppendorf ThermoMixer C



This heating incubator enables simultaneous heating and mixing for different sized reaction tubes. Importantly this allows excellent reproducibility for our demanding molecular biology experiments.

Eppendorf MasterCycler Pro

(2 Needed)


These polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines are based on a Nobel Prize winning discovery. They operate as ‘DNA factories’ enabling large amounts of DNA to be synthesised specifically for the purpose of measuring gene expression or molecular cloning.

The Lab needs 2 of these.


Equipment for human clinical trials


A $20,000 donation will purchase the equipment required to process stem cells for single clinical use – and validation studies – in preparation for human clinical trials of gene therapy. This is really exciting as our research progresses to Human Trials stage – and you could be part of making that happen..

Sequencing of the Cancer Genome


We have reached an era where we can search our DNA to know if we are susceptible to certain diseases – or why we have been diagnosed with a disease – including cancers. The technology that enables this is called ‘sequencing’.

We are particularly interested to understand the changes to the DNA during the development of blood cancers – with a hope of finding genese that we can target with new and re-purposed drug treatment and therapies.


Research Assistant

Gene & Stem Cell Therapy Program


Salary to support a junior research scientist within Prof. Rasko’s program, who would perform molecular and cellular biology experiments – to investigate early initiating events in cancer development.


Cure The Future Post Doctoral Fellowship


Salary for a post-doctoral scientist to study the root causes of cancer as a pre-cursor for personalised cell and gene therapies. 

Company Donation Offer

How you can help Cure The Future

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